8 – The Date of the Landing on the Moon

In chapter 16, we studied the expressions in the Quran that alluded to man’s landing on the moon. One of the most important among the signs is in the first verse of the sura “Qamar”. The number of verses to be counted from this verse to the end of the Quran is 1398. The year 1389 in the Muslim calendar corresponds to the year 1969 in the Gregorian calendar. And the year 1969 was the year when man landed on the moon for the first time. (On the other hand, the number 1389 also points out that man will land on the moon 1389 years after this verse or the Quran was revealed by God. Because the Muslim calendar had started at a time when the revelation was not completed.)

1- The Hour has come and split the moon has.
54 – The Moon, 1
How many verses are there from the first verse of the sura Qamar till the end of the Quran? 1389

In which Muslim year did the first man land on the moon? 1389


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